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Harmony is our inspiration! Incas, Mayans and Aztecs lived in harmony with nature; as a result they enjoyed the most excellent benefits from their surroundings.
We believe that we all deserve the best of our planet and we love to source it for you!

Super Cholo Foods

Sometimes things happen by coincidence, others happen for a reason. When Glover met Lindsey, the English and Peruvian cultures collided and created a captivating and profound partnership that now resonates through Super Cholo Foods.

The history of super foods started way back in time when ancient civilisations paid tribute to what they ate because they learned it was fundamental to their health and vitality. Our time is now, working hand in hand with our Latin American partners to source the best natural ingredients to bring to you.

Super Cholo Foods brings you an explosion of Peruvian ingredients from the leafy English village of Lanchester, County Durham. Our premises are characteristic of our values and our commitment to environmental responsibility is demonstrated at every stage from the organic cultivation of products in Peru to the packaging activities at our local office in Lanchester. Both our products and premises are approved by the Soil Association.

We strive to provide excellent customer service and are always open to comments and suggestions. Feel free to speak to us anytime!

“Food is never simply eaten, its consumption is always conditioned by meaning. These meanings are symbolic, and communicated symbolically; they also have histories”. 

Adaptation from Sidney Mintz, Tasting Food, Tasting Freedom

Local input

All our effort has been supported by the interaction with people and businesses in the nearby area. We are pleased to be part of the prestigious Durham Genome Centre, where the staff have been very supportive of us in our earliest stages with help and advice. The development of an idea that has materialised and is accepted by our loyal customers is our biggest reward.

Further certification

Soil Association

Knowing where our products come from is of vital importance to us at SCF. Organic is a ‘whole system’ approach to farming and food production and we strive to recognise the close interrelationships between all parts of the production system from the soil to the consumer.

Our certification guarantees the complete traceability of our goods and we work hand in hand with the comprehensive set of organic principles established by the soil association.

Vegan Society

At SCF, all our products exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals.

The vegan society recognise our products to be 100% vegan and we believe our ingredients can contribute to a healthy plant based diet.


At SCF our quality standards are a priority therefore we are pleased to have taken on the services of chxout.com, who have carried out the corresponding tests of identity and validated our products by DNA barcoding.

Our valued customers can be absolutely sure that what they buy from us is truly authentic.


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