Popped amaranth

Prep time:     2 minutes

Cook time:     5 minutes

Makes 1 cup


3 tbsp organic amaranth


  1. Heat a medium frying pan over a high heat until the entire surface is very hot
  2. Add the amaranth and shake the pan gently to evenly distribute it across the pan (no oil is needed!)
  3. Cover the pan with a glass lid and allow the amaranth to ‘pop’ until white (around 30 seconds)
  4. Once popped, remove the amaranth from the pan and repeat until you have as much popped amaranth as you desire!
  5. Snack on it as it is or use it in sweet and savoury recipes

Super Cholo Tip

We love to use popped amaranth to coat strips of chicken or fish!

Popped amaranth

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