We are not only what we eat, but also what our food has eaten! Studies on coffee and health are like a swinging pendulum, some advocate benefits while others suggest negative impacts to our health. In plain English, bad coffee is bad for you! Many studies are based on poor sources of beans without regard for cultivation, harvesting and processing methods which can define the beans’ ability to retain its exceptional quality. It is also no surprise that coffee is one of the most chemically treated crops in the world and many negative studies can be explained by external-contaminant factors.

On the other hand, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of coffee have been linked to improved mental and physical performance including memory recall and our capacity to focus. Good coffee also increases circulation, stimulates the liver and provides large amounts of polyphenols that feed good bacteria in the gut. Actually, coffee has far greater quantities of polyphenols than red wine!

Our coffee is organically cultivated and processed to produce a pure bean with a captivating fragrance. By eliminating the impacts of contaminants we are able to offer you one of the most potent superfoods that is already part of our diet. The powerful thermogenic properties of our high altitude coffee can even boost your metabolic rate and stimulate fat loss.

Arguably the number one consumed beverage in the world, it can certainly provide us with more than just the lovely feeling of a morning cuppa!!!

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